Your Kingdom Come

At our 2022 Weekend Away, we were excited to welcome our friend Martin Young from Rising Brook Church in Stafford to speak on our theme ‘Your Kingdom Come’. We gathered again as a church to fix our eyes on Jesus, the King of the Kingdom, looking at how we establish Heaven’s reality on Earth. 

How to Live in the Tension Between the Kingdoms — Martin Young
Matthew 6:10
What is the 'Kingdom'? How does God's Kingdom differ from the kingdom of the world? How do we live out the call to be 'in the world but not of it'? The Kingdom of God is where God rules. From the glory of the Heaven above, through the beauty of creation, and down to human society, God's Kingdom is found because He rules. His rule is marked by salvation, miracles, healing, social justice, and cultural renewal.

Kingdom and Creativity — Martin Young
Genesis 1

How can we understand our creativity as a display of the Kingdom of God, whether that's in arts or in the way we express and negotiate our normal lives?

Kingdom and the Environment — Ally Lead
Genesis 1
For God so loved the world. Through the everyday decisions we make we can choose to love the world as well. We are connected to creation, we share a common home. If the gospel is good news for God's earth, how can we care for the planet?

Kingdom and Science — John Aust
Genesis 1
Do you love the way your faith and science enhance each other? Or do you struggle to deal with the tension between the two?

How to Live Everyday for the Kingdom — Martin Young
Matthew 6:10
What does it mean for us to proclaim to live out the Kingdom of Heaven? The basis of the Kingdom of Heaven is community. We gather as community to share, rejoice and recommission. We then advance the Kingdom of Heaven in humility. Not arriving in a place or situation as a benefactor, but simply coming alongside people in everyday ways. Share food together, open up your homes, reach out to the hurting and broken in our local communities.

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