Spirit-Led Lives

As disciples of Christ, we want to become more like him. As children of God, we want to grow in the love of the Father. And as a new humanity, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live Spirit-led lives. The purpose of this series is to learn about the person and works of the Spirit so that we might keep in step with the Spirit.

Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Pt.1) — Rich Cave
Genesis 1:2
When we read the Bible as a whole, we see that God has revealed himself to us as one God in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is called ‘ruach’ in Hebrew in the Old Testament. Denoting wind or breath, it creates the image of a gentle, powerful, sustaining, yet invisible entity. The Holy Spirit empowers men and women within the Old Testament, resting on them and appearing to them. In the story of the artist Bezalel in Exodus, the Holy Spirit gives skills and abilities beyond the natural. How do we understand the Holy Spirit through scripture? How do we know the personal presence of God? How do we open ourselves to be empowered by Him?

Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Pt.2) — Luc Sadler
John 1:29-34

At the beginning of John’s Gospel, we are given a glimpse of the three persons of God together; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Jesus, the Son, is baptised, the affirming voice of God the Father is heard, and the anointing Spirit of God is revealed as a descending bird. The New Testament reveals the Holy Spirit as a gift-giver and guide. The Holy Spirit leads us to repentance, empowers our discipleship and enables our witness. The Holy Spirit is an agent of transformation. How do we prepare for this change? How do we partner with new possibilities?

Being Filled With the Holy Spirit — Rebecca Tyers
John 1:29-34
In the Gospels, we read of John the Baptist, a man called by God to prepare the way for the arrival of Jesus. Whilst John prepared his community by baptising them with water, he claimed that Jesus would baptise them with the Holy Spirit. Since then, Christians have tried to reconcile the difference between their experience of the Holy Spirit and what they read on the pages of Scripture. How do we make sense of experience, unmet expectations, the now and the not yet?

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