Revival Town:
Restoring Culture

At our 2017 Weekend Away we were joined by Tre Sheppard. Tre Sheppard talked about becoming a restoration people who shape and change the culture of our towns and cities. Tre Sheppard grew up in the Deep South of the USA, but has spent the last 20 years living in the UK. During that time he founded and helped to lead a discipleship community with YWAM called “The Factory” connecting with over 3000 emerging young leaders from more than 50 nations.

Serve The City — Tre Sheppard
Genesis 3
In this first talk in the three part series, 'Revival Town', Tre Shappard speaks on the need for the church to serve the city. We exist for our communities, to bring destiny into their lives, to believe that God doesn't just want to change the lives of those people but the culture and society that they live in. "The church doesn't just exist to attract people and keep them satisfied... What we need to be asking is 'God, what is your dream for this city?'" challenges Tre.

Sowing In The City — Tre Sheppard
Revelation 21
In this second talk in the three part series, 'Revival Town', Tre Shappard speaks on the need for strategy to serve the city. He shares how in his church, even though it was breaking-out of the building serving the city more and more in practical ways and taking opportunities to move in the supernatural, the stirrings of revival actually happened a lot later. Tre remarks that often revival comes after a long time of breaking the ground and sowing into the heart of the city or locality we find ourselves.

Starting Small — Tre Sheppard
Isaiah 61
In this final talk in the three part series, 'Revival Town', Tre Shappard speaks on the the kingdom of heaven not being one of castles and defences for christians, but rather a mustard seed where ALL the birds of the air can take shelter. It doesn't start with something big, but rather something small. He also unpacks when Jesus said 'I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it'. Gates do not attack, but rather they stand in our city. We in the church can decide, "I've had enough of that gate", and we can take it down.

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