Proclaim The Kingdom:
Prayer, Mission and Justice

At our 2016 Weekend Away we were joined by Philip and Alain Emerson. Philip Emerson is one of the lead pastors at Emmanuel Church in Lurgan, a church that was birthed in his living room, over 20 years ago.

Who I Follow First — Phil Emerson
Matthew 16:18
During this first session at the Open Heaven Weekend Away Phil shares his journey to realising that, '"It's not about you", and that there is, "rank and authority", when it comes to following Jesus, with Jesus wanting to be the one in charge. Phil is a church leader who felt Jesus lead him to change the direction of his church, leaving the job of building of the church to Jesus (Matthew 16:18) and for him to focus on loving the lost. This was a costly decision but a decision leading to incredible outcomes, because he was obedient to God and following Jesus first.

How To Proclaim The Kingdom — Alain Emerson
Genesis 37:1-4
In the second session of the Open Heaven Weekend Away, Alain, unpacks what it looks like to outwork prayer, mission and justice in all spheres of our town? We begin by looking at Matthew 4:23 where Jesus was, "teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease", and then we unpack what it can look like for us to follow Jesus outworking these today. This talk ends with a powerful time of response and worship.

The Father Heart of God — Phil Emerson
Luke 15:31-32
In this seminar at the Open Heaven Weekend Away, Phil unpacks a parable Jesus told, 'The Parable of the lost son', but focuses on the son that didn't go off, the son who stayed at home with the father who feels overlooked and unloved by the Father. Phil looks at how the father responds to the son in this parable to help us understand the Father heart of God.

Prayer, Mission And Justice — Alain Emerson
Luke 19:45-48
In the third session of the Open Heaven Weekend Away, Alain, looking at the story of Jesus clearing out the temple in Jerusalem because the people there had made it a, "den of robbers", unpacks what we can learn about Jesus' attitude towards prayer, mission and justice in the church.

Take Possession — Alain Emerson
Luke 11:33-36
During this final session of the Open Heaven Weekend Away 2016, Alain touches on the power of prayer worship, the importance of taking possession of new ground after having contended for it, and the significances of having our eyes renewed to see things in a fresh way - ourselves, our cities, and our God.

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