All Things New

What does it means to play our part in God's redemption plan to renew all things? Following on from our Gospel of Matthew series, we explored the theme of ‘All Things New’ at our 2019 Weekend Away. We invited the author and speaker Gerard Kelly and his wife Chrissie to inspire us, provoke us and encourage us. Gerard and Chrissie are based in Normandy at the Bless Missional Community and they are committed to equipping young leaders across Europe. Gerard is a well known speaker at events like Spring Harvest and has published some best selling books like 'Spoken Worship' and 'The Seven Stories That Shape Your Life'.

My Part To Play — Gerard and Chrissie Kelly
Psalm 8
In this talk, we start in Genesis looking at our identity and we walk through most of the bible growing our understanding of where God may be calling us to play our part in his kingdom come here on earth today. The hope is also that this talk will give us a bigger picture than we’ve ever imagined of what God is doing in the world.

Brought Into Freedom — Gerard and Chrissie Kelly
Psalm 18
In this talk we will unpack the theme of ‘liberation’ which is talked about in the Old Testament. The aim is for us to grasp the significance of this theme, since it is the very bedrock of Jewish thinking which becomes the bedrock of Jesus’ ministry of bringing people into freedom.

Partnering With God — Gerard and Chrissie Kelly
Isaiah 43:19-21
Starting with Isaiah 43:19-21, we look at four movements God is calling us to make as we join with Him in the partnership of recreation. This talk contains spiritual and practical advice for living out our calling to be missional.

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